Update 24th January 2018

Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself. (Tom Wilson)

Crivens…it’s nearly Burns Day already…January seems to have whizzed by.

Ken’s Angels have taken on several new clients over the past couple of weeks and yours truly has been busy trying to hone procedures to make our service as user friendly as possible.

The jist of most changes made involves a slight change of emphasis towards what we do, being similar to that provided by ‘Good Old-Fashioned Home Helps’, which was a phrase first coined by a lovely podiatrist lady who sorted out my right foot recently. (Note to self…Never, buy a pair of golf shoes without trying them on first).

Anyway, I realised something needed to be done after several friends commented on how the Ken’s Angels logo could be interpreted taken as having a ‘funerial’ aspect to it. Seemingly, the idea of angels, will produce thoughts of impending doom in some folk.

I was a bit shocked by this because my angels are anything but solemn. Quite the opposite in fact. My artist friend Pammie’s feathers will be ruffled, if she thinks such an effect has been created. ☹

That’s unlikely though because the intention was to use a logo which would give the mental impression of someone doing a good job cleaning, polishing, tidying up and if required, walking the dog.

Oh well, what’s done is done and it’s too late to turn back now….the angels are here to stay!

Hopefully I’ve learned from the experience

Ken Newton


Latest From Ken

Hello all,

I’m going to try and maintain a blog here on a weekly basis and keep it as amusing and interesting as possible.

Ken’s Angels website is going live shortly so I’ve resigned from my job as a social care officer with the Council to concentrate on developing new business over the next year. I feel quite excited about what the year to come may hold.

You see, I’m lucky in that my oldest son ‘Rory’, is legally qualified. So, as my co-director in the company, he can sort out the legal obligations, submitting annual returns, insurance and all that nightmare red tape stuff, leaving me free to spend my time looking after my clients and my angels as I try to grow the business.

Anyway, that’s about it for my first blog…tune in next week for another exciting episode!


Ken Newton


New Website

So far so good with new website which is still under construction.



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